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We at L.O.U.D. Wellness realize that life is loud. There's always something going on, some fire to put out (sometimes literally), someone needing your attention right now, and somewhere you need to be! There’s little rest or downtime. And for many people there’s little opportunity to have a moment of calm or peace that allows them the opportunity to turn inward and say, “I wish I could..." or, “My dream is to…”

Here at L.O.U.D. Wellness, our passion is to honor your purpose in life by providing you with cultivated and curated items that add to your higher purpose and nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

We strive to give you peace, calm, balance, success, happiness, and good health. Because L.O.U.D. Wellness believes in just that: Living Out Your Dreams.


We recognize that Mother Earth, the Universe, and you are bound together. Therefore, we stand by a commitment of making the Earth a better place for you and those you love. Giving back and being of service at a grassroots level are core values of L.O.U.D. Wellness’ founder, Dr. Yael Varnado, affectionately known as “Dr V.” As a physician, Dr. V has seen firsthand how synthetic and toxic chemicals make us sick from the inside out.

Our commitment to you is that every L.O.U.D. Wellness product is 100% vegan and organic, handmade in small batches. We believe in sustainability, ethical sourcing, and thoughtful craftsmanship. You can count the number of ingredients on your fingers, and all of the ingredients come from Mother Earth. Our products are practical and add value to your life, and all give back to the community. We hope that the wellness items we have developed and curated bring you calm, peace, balance, to elevate your L.O.U.D. life.